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Dear Daddy,
I am crying, but I can’t tell if my tears are angry or sad… I need to scream. I need the release. The emotions inside my heart and my mind are crushing me. They are a weight that I just can’t carry anymore. I’ve tried being strong, I’ve tried so hard, but I just can’t anymore! I’m trying to hide it, but I don’t know why. It’s killing me inside. There is just too much hatred and rage and anger, topped with overwhelming sadness, and I can’t handle it anymore. It’s spilling over the edge. Why would you do this me? Why couldn’t you just stop? I don’t care anymore what people are saying. It’s a sickness, it’s addiction, it’s this, and it’s that. For me, it’s simple. You just don’t care about me at all. You’re not my father, I don’t know you, and it is time to say goodbye. My stomach is tight, I can barely breathe, and the pain inside is too much to handl
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Red Handed Script
Establishing shot of the small townhouse. It looks to be midmorning/early afternoon. It looks to be a peaceful, quiet home.
Zoom into the front door, as though the viewer is walking inside.
Full shot of a doorframe outlining a bedroom. It looks to be a young girls bedroom. Just inside FELICITY (8) is pulling on a pair of black gloves. She is dressed in all black from head to toe. Her hair is pulled back.
FELICITY leaves her bedroom; her movements are slow and sneaky. She’s careful to step toe first to test the floor for creaks. She turns her head to peer into another doorframe.
The camera tilts around the bend into another bedroom. This one is obviously a boy’s bedroom, with the walls painted blue. Inside, two boys RILEY (10) and SEBASTIAN (
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Toothfairy Script
One of the Colleges designated smoking areas. You can see a couple students standing around and maybe some are smoking. We can see the male lead, Jesse, standing amongst those students.
We see him turn to the school and walk inside.
As he enters the second set of doors, he begins the trek down the hall and smiles, without flashing his teeth. The camera turns to see whom he is smiling at. It stops at the female lead, Emily. She smiles back and walks towards Jesse. As they reach each other, Jesse flashes a toothy grin, revealing his gross teeth, which have been rotted from smoking. We flash to Emily’s face to see her reaction.
The tooth fairy wouldn’t buy those. Why not quit paying for them?
Show a close up of the cigarettes being flushed down the toilet.
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The Forgotten Series Number Three
Number Three
Riven sat in her recliner, yellow eyes glazed over and reflecting television fuzz. She had pulled her knees up to her chest and was playing with her toes, picking at the sparkling blue polish on the nails. She was dressed in a pair of shiny metallic leggings, a poufy green skirt, and a black tank top. She had her hair tied up with a lime green scarf. Her general appearance was kind of dull, but that was only because Dress-Man was not available to make her any new clothing.
It was a couple days after the lady with the dark red hair had shot Dress-Man and he was still in the hospital. She had been sent home after the men with the flashing lights came to get him, because she wasn’t dress-man’s family. So she waited, not knowing what to do. Occasionally she forgot what she was doing, or where she was… Without dress-man she would even forget to eat! Until of course, her stomach protested so much that she’d have to eat something.
She got up to do such, c
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The Forgotten Series Number Two
Number Two
Riven danced across her living room floor, a silent song playing in her head. Of course, she had already forgotten the day’s plans, and jumped in surprise, slipping and falling to the cluttered floor, when the loud knocking came to the door. She peered wearily at it from where she sat, and scampered over on her hands and knees, using the brass door knob to haul herself to her feet. Standing on her tip toes which were covered by a pair of leather black boots, courtesy of Dress-man, she snuck a peak through the peep hole.
There was a tall lady standing there. She had long copper-red hair that stopped past her rear, and deep blue eyes, which reflected annoyance. Riven noted that she was all dressed in black, and then cautiously opened the door an inch. "Yes?"
"This is the Forgotten Agency? May I come in?"
"Uhm... Is it?" She peered at her hand where she'd scribbled the name down in bright yellow. She squinted, hardly able to see it. "Er... I guess so?" She backed away fro
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The Forgotten Series Number One
Number One
The day started out as nice… Quiet… Peaceful, even. And then the phone rang. Riven opened her eyes, the unusual glowing yellow orbs staring upwards as the ringing continued. Finally she got up and off her recliner and wandered over to it. Peering over the counter top at the vibrating old-fashioned telephone, she waited a few more seconds before reaching out and snatching it, holding it to her face almost cautiously.
“Hello. Is this the Forgotten Agency?”
Riven paused. She always forgot the name of the Agency. “Um, I don’t know… One second.” Putting the phone down on the counter and scurried off quickly towards the front door. She only stopped once her face collided with the wood. It was locked… Flailing a little, she unlocked the door quickly and stepped outside, backing up until she could see the sign that read The Forgotten Agency. Nodding, she rushed back inside, forgetting to shut the door aft
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You Don't Care
You don't care
I loved you
And that wasn't enough
I was terrified of you
Neither was that
You said you loved me
Your voice emotionless
Your eyes dead
Why don't you love me
Why are you doing this
You say you care about me
But I lie, sick
No one cares
I cry, scared
No one cares
What did I do
To make you stop caring
I loved you
I loved you
You don't care
You are an image
A dad, tattoos
Several images
Drugged up, beaten
You don't care
So why should I?
You don't love me
So why should I?
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Liza Marie
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
My name is Liza, short for Elizabeth. I am a director in training, hoping to be better at it one day. This dA account will feature my various attempts at short stories, poetry, photography, and the occasional drawing. [;

Also, I've officially directed my first piece of work! WOOT!

RIP my sweet baby boy, Goat. </3
January 9th, 2011 - June 23rd, 2011
So excited! Got to direct my first work yesterday. Had a ton of fun, working with the others was great. ONTO POST!
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